car & general with st john ambulance for road safety training for boda boda operators across the country

Car & General has penned a memorandum of understanding with St John Ambulance for road safety training for boda boda operators across the country. The two parties recognize that motorcycle transport offers fast, easy and convenient means of transportation in Kenya, helping commuters beat the lengthy jams on our roads and maneuvering difficult terrain and poor road networks. They are also the first to arrive at accident scenes to deal with accident victims.


Even with the benefits of motorcycles, the associated risks have become a major concern as cases of accidents, injuries and fatalities grow. Also the survival of accident victims and their quality of life there after is highly dependent on the way in which persons injured are handled immediately after.


“Car & General recognizes that St John has extensive capabilities and global experience in training of first aid and provision of emergency medical care”, said Raphael Atanda during the signing ceremony at C&G.


“St. Johns recognizes that C&G being a major player in the Motorcycle Industry would like to contribute towards the preparedness of boda boda riders to mitigate causes and consequences of accidents on Kenyan roads”, added Fred Majiwa of St John Ambulance.

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