Written by Loise Wangui, the Sales Manager at Car and General Trading Limited. 

Grooming a lawn may seem like a simple task, but it should not be done at the expense of compromising the safety and health of a mower user. Safety is key when operating a lawn mower because carelessness can cause an accident.

The following tips will help to handle lawn mowers correctly and safely:-

  • Users of lawn mowers should first read the manufacturer’s manual and follow the safety instructions indicated before using the machine.
  • Before mowing, the lawn should be inspected for objects such as toys, stones, holes, or bumps that could make the mower stop instantly which may result in injury to the operator, or a bystander. Uneven ground should be treated with caution in case the mower overturns especially if it is a ride on mower.
  • It is best to mow a lawn in daylight and when the weather is sunny. When the grass is wet traction is reduced and can cause sliding.
  • Recommended kit consists of sturdy closed-toe shoes with slip-proof soles, close-fitting clothes, safety goggles, or glasses and hearing protection to counter the loud sound produced by the mower while cutting grass.
  • Hands and feet must be kept away from the spinning blades.
  • Children tend to be attracted by mowers. To avoid accidents it is important to keep them away when operating. Do not allow them to be passengers on ride on mowers as they can fall off and get hurt.
  • It is recommended to mow up and down slopes and not across. All movement on slopes should be kept in a slow and gradual manner. If mowing on a slope, or hill care should be taken to ensure that the mower does not tip so that it slides and comes into contact with your feet, hands, or anyone else around.
  • Avoid starting, or stopping on a slope. If tyres lose traction, disengage the blades immediately and proceed slowly straight down the slope.

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