In recent years, residents of Kakamega town have been experiencing shifts in their preferred mode of transportation.

With the town bustling with activity, residents seek convenient means to reach their destinations.

More and more people are choosing to travel by tuktuk, citing safety, convenience, and affordability as their primary reasons for the change.

One of the top concerns for residents when it comes to transportation is safety, and tuktuks are perceived as a safer option compared to bodabodas.

“I prefer taking tuktuks because they are safe and affordable,” Christine Macmillan, a student, told Citizen Digital.

The small size and low speed of these three-wheeled vehicles give passengers a sense of security and control that other forms of short distance transportation may not offer.

“Another reason for the increasing popularity of tuktuks in Kakamega town is their ability to provide shelter. Unlike motorbikes or bicycles, tuktuks come with a covered cabin that protects both the driver and passengers from rain or harsh sunlight.”

This, coupled with their ability to navigate through narrow streets and congested traffic, makes tuktuks a popular choice for residents who want to travel comfortably regardless of the weather.

At the same time, a significant factor that has contributed to the widespread use of tuktuks in Kakamega town is their affordability.

“Tuktuks tend to be cheaper while still providing personalized service – they can pick up passengers right from their doorstep and drop them at their exact desired destination,” Macmillan added.

Despite their numerous benefits, there are some challenges associated with using tuktuks as well.

“Some local authorities have expressed concerns regarding traffic congestion brought on by the increasing number of these vehicles on the road,” Jacob Lusala, a local trader, said.

Additionally, there have been instances of unregulated tuktuk operations, which can pose safety risks for passengers.

“Some get into the business without proper documentation. We call on operators ti adhere to the set regulations,” Mark Wanjala, a bodaboda operator, noted.

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