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A Winning Player in Every Match

Stands With Unparalleled Workload, Full Engine Power and Smart Sustainability

DX225LC-7M is waiting on a starting line, fully geared up with features to let you win. Whether explosive power is needed in your game or whether an agile and fast player is what you are looking for. Even when you are starting a long-distance race, DX225LC- 7M is ready to cross the finish line in first place, in every single game.
Proven performance with the extra edge of intelligence. Unparalleled workload, enhanced speed, first class digging power with even upgraded engine power. Newly added SPC system, autonomously efficiently save fuel without compromising productivity.
Whatever goal you need to reach, get there dependably with your winning team, intelligent and efficient features in full speed and with full power. Cabin designed for total controllability in true safety from the outset. Develon’s competent coaching staffs will offer a tailored solution to help you win more in less time.
DX225LC-7M. Medalist in all the matches, a winning player on every game. All time winner once again be fully readied to raise your game.


DX225LC-7M guarantees the best productivity at all job sites. All of the key components directly contributing to producing power and speed improved. The new engine boasts explosive 129.6KW power which is far more improved than previous model. Superior workload along with increased fuel efficiency. Reducing the size and Narrowing the cylinder’s diameter results in speed enhancement for faster working cycle. Maximized digging force backed up with versatility for DX225LC-7M to be used on all rough terrains.


DX225LC-7M brings smart and innovative solutions which serve to both increase efficiency and long-term sustainability. SPC (Smart Power Control) system automatically controls engine RPM to supply proper torque depending on workload and speed to serve best fuel efficiency. Electronical engine which delivers superior power at the same time contributes to reduction of both emissions and fuel consumption. Develon offers holistic and comprehensive solutions for your economic and environmental sustainability, enabling investments for the future.


Completely redesigned cabin comfort leads you in a maximum comfort and total control of equipment. To offer more segmented comfort options with ventilation and air conditioning range expanded to meet more various needs. Also safety features newly added including AVM (Around View Monitor) which prevents safety accidents caused by blind spot and seat-belt warning alarm for operator safety


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