Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors 37kw – 300kw

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Description – Oil Free Fixed Speed Models – 37kw to 300kw:

  • High efficiency IP23, 380V (+/-6% max) motor (300kW)
  • Integral star delta starter
  • Gearcase sump factory-filled with SSR Ultra Coolant
  • Oil circuit system with Teflon hoses
  • IP65 Control panel with Xe145 Controller


Description – Oil-free VSD Compressors – 37kw to 160kw:

  • Premium efficiency IP23 HPM motor 1,25 service factor
  • 96% efficiency rating
  • Air or Water-Cooled (copper tubes) aftercooler with moisture separator
  • Carbon Steel Oil Piping
  • Variable speed controlled fan motor (Air Cooled units)


Additional information

These compressors have earned a reputation for being a highly reliable supplier of oil-free air. Its rugged design sets the standard for efficiency and durability.


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