Cast Iron Piston Compressor 7.5HP


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➢ Supplied with an inlet filter.
➢ Factory-fill of lubricant and anti-vibration pads included.
➢ Low oil level switch supplied.
➢ Enclosed belt guard mounted air cooled after cooler.
➢ Receiver with a pressure gauge and an auto condensate drain valve/safety valve/check valve.
➢ Auto start and stop pressure switch.
➢ Twin cylinder two stage pump unit
➢ Operating pressure: 12bar with a 5.5kw motor 7.5HP.
➢ 500L air receiver 18.2cfm

Particulars Data
Site Maximum Ambient Temperature 40°C
Site Relative Humidity 45%
Site Barometric Pressure 1.03 Kg/cm²(a)
Technical data at reference conditions  
Description T-30 Series MODEL :7.5HP three phase
Capacity (FAD) 18.20CFM,
Type of Compressor Reciprocating Air Compressor
Discharge Pressure 10 kg/cm²(g)
Main Motor Nominal Power Rating kW 5.5KW – 7.5HP
Main Drive Motor Description IP55, 415V ± 10% / 3ph / 50Hz ± 3%, Efficiency IE-2 (min.)
Sound Level dB(A)(2) 98 dB(A)
Type of Cooling Air Cooled
Control Type Automatic Start Stop Control
Starter Type DOL ,
Air Receiver Type 500 Ltrs



1. Capacity (FAD) & Specific power are as per ISO:1217 Annexure C with Applicable Tolerances on Performance
Figures. 2. Noise level is confirmed in accordance to ISO:2151 measured in free field conditions.



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